Our approach is grounded in retail best practices.

We generate substantial economic and organizational value by empowering retailers to significantly scale up critical technology development, streamlining back-office operations and reducing costs.

Experience streamlined retail operations with our tailored CX solutions. Enhance customer satisfaction, drive loyalty, and maximize business growth effortlessly.

Areas of Speciality


Service to our clients

Respect for each other, always

Embrace differences

Act with integrity

Our organizational ethos is firmly grounded in a set of core values that underpin our success. Foremost among these is an unswerving dedication to providing exceptional service to our clients. We prioritize mutual respect within our workforce, cultivating an environment where each individual is esteemed. The acknowledgment and celebration of diversity serve as central tenets, fueling innovation within our corporate culture. Upholding the utmost standards of integrity, we conduct ourselves with unwavering honesty and ethical rectitude in all professional endeavors. These values collectively define our corporate identity, contributing to a dynamic and successful organizational milieu.


Empowering small to mid-size retailers worldwide, our mission at MS2 Retail Advisory is to optimize operations through remote team augmentation and global capability centers. Grounded in retail best practices, we strive to reduce costs, enhance scalability, and augment internal capabilities across technology, merchandising, ecommerce, finance, and supply chain management. With a commitment to service, respect, diversity, and integrity, we leverage 50 years of combined real-life retail experience to drive substantial economic and organizational value for our clients​.

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