Getting the right product, to the right place, at the right time Everytime

Retailer supply chain management is a complex process with many moving parts all of which when working optimally, give your business a competitive advantage. Leveraging a global off-shore strategy to manage some of the most complex and labor intensive tasks allows your supply chain team to focus on what’s important.

Some areas we can help:

Vendor/Customer Management &  Communication
  • EDI & shipment compliance standard monitoring and communication.
  • Vendor onboarding & testing
Inventory Management
  • SKU/DC level forecasting and inventory re-balancing analysis and execution
  • DC layout optimization analysis
  • Cycle counting and inventory integrity activities
  • Returns Management
Direct Sourcing Logistics
  • Transport, customs & brokerage documentation followup, tracking and administration
  • Overseas factory collaboration and forecasting
  • Raw materials tracking forecasting and liability minimization
Order Fulfillment
  • Processing orders, customer followup and communication
  • Logistic partner tracking and communication
  • Claims applications and reimbursement
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