Our Process

Our focus is on retailers & DTCs. We are not career consultants. We are retail professionals with over 20 years experience in all areas of retail.


We understand the need for a close-knit team to work fluidly and effectively. Our approach is tailored and customized to suit your company and operations.

With all clients, our focus is:  

Improve Business Operations

Maintaining & improving existing client business operations.

Economic Value

Ensuring cost effective solutions and realizing significant economic value for our clients.


Building sustainable business process scalability through execution and definition of best practices and increasing our clients access to talent through either remote team augmentation or physical capability centers.

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation. Building a global presence is not without risk. Our approach ensures that our client undertakings are executed in a progressive and measured approach. 

Our management is local to you and works directly on the day-to-day, fully understanding your operations. 

Some example of past client interactions:


How a top Apparel retailer got ahead of their image backlog Image Retouching & Design

CX Support:

How CX support hiring during holiday became easy and cost effective
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