(Centers of Excellence)

Retail is Our Specialty

India is Our Backyard

Transformation is Our Forté

Multinationals and retailers are overwhelmingly choosing India for their technology and back office support centers, also known as Global Capability Centers (GCCs).


MS2 provides tailored solutions including center setup, change management, talent strategy, and local advisory services. Our clients are able to leverage the power of global talent and capabilities to fuel their growth and achieve cost savings quickly and efficiently.


Our Build-Operate model allows our clients to quickly establish a GCC in India as quickly as 6 months.

Our Model Offers

Cost Savings from Day 1

Change Management Leadership

Local Expertise in India

Zero Capex

Low Risk

Working directly with your executive teams we ensure a successful setup through:

Facilities (Office, IT)

Shortlisting, selecting the operationalizing the space leased by the Client

Legal Compliance and Operational Support

Assist in creation of legal entity owned by the client and setup all corporate functions

Talent Management

Recruit and onboard talent and execute all policies and processes for talent life-cycle

Change Management

Execute Transition plan and measure effectiveness

Service Delivery & Value Capture

Operationalize KPIs, KRAs, Scorecard, dashboards and report on periodic basis

Utilizing over two decades of extensive GCC consulting experience, we partner closely with clients to safeguard business operations, minimize risks, and navigate disruptions effectively. Our efforts have facilitated organizations in uncovering latent resources and potentials, empowering them to:

  • Establish expansive talent and innovation centers
  • Construct adaptable, agile business models aligned with dynamic market shifts
  • Harness extensive network connections for optimal practices and current strategies
  • Utilize exclusive insights for competitor, customer, and landscape assessments

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