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Importance of NSR (National Skills Registry) while offshoring from India 

Offshoring, especially in the IT and professional services sector, has become increasingly prevalent in today’s global economy. As companies seek to tap into the talent pool available worldwide, ensuring the credibility and reliability of professionals becomes paramount. In this context, the National Skills Registry (NSR) emerges as a crucial tool, particularly for offshoring from India.

NSR, an initiative by NASSCOM, serves as a comprehensive database of professionals, offering verified personal, academic, and employment details along with background check reports. Here’s why NSR holds significant importance in the offshoring landscape:


  1. Deterrence Against Profile Faking: NSR’s stringent policies deter professionals from fabricating their profiles. The database flags duplicate entries, preventing individuals from manipulating their credentials, thereby fostering a culture of honesty and integrity.
  2. Identity Security: With NSR’s unique profile creation system, each professional is assigned a distinct and permanent profile. This eliminates the risk of identity theft or misrepresentation, instilling confidence among employers relying on offshore talent.
  3. Credible Information Repository: NSR acts as a trusted repository, providing accurate and verified information about professionals. This not only enhances transparency but also assures identity security, a critical aspect for businesses engaging in offshoring.
  4. Standardized Background Check Processes: NSR’s empanelled background checkers adhere to stringent quality standards and operational requirements, ensuring consistency and transparency in the verification process. This standardization streamlines background checks, saving time and resources for both professionals and employers.
  5. Online Verification Process: NSR offers an online platform for background verification, allowing professionals to authorize and companies to request verifications conveniently. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and accessibility, facilitating smoother offshoring operations.
  6. Centralized System: NSR operates as a centralized platform, connecting professionals, background checkers, and industry clients. This ensures seamless information flow while maintaining data privacy and standardizing processes, thus simplifying the offshoring procedure.
  7. Identity Assurance: Before inclusion in NSR, every professional undergoes thorough identity verification, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of their profile. This verification process adds an extra layer of assurance for companies offshoring their operations.
  8. Data Ownership and Privacy: Professionals have complete control over their information, including who can access it. NSR ensures data privacy by allowing individuals to selectively share their profiles with authorized companies, maintaining confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.
  9. Objective Data Capture: NSR focuses on capturing objective and verifiable information, such as employment history and educational qualifications, rather than subjective attributes like skills or performance. This ensures the reliability of data used in the offshoring process.

In conclusion, NSR plays a pivotal role in facilitating offshoring from India by providing a reliable, standardized, and transparent system for verifying professionals’ credentials. As businesses continue to globalize and seek talent beyond borders, NSR emerges as an indispensable tool for ensuring the integrity and credibility of offshore workforce, thereby fostering sustainable growth and collaboration in the global marketplace.

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